ARBCO Standard Black Wheels perform well in harsh environments. They resist water, grease, animal fats and most acids and alkalies. They are lightweight, easy to roll and will not mark floors.

• Temperature Range is -50 Degrees to + 250 Degrees F

Properties of Molded Materials: (ASTM Test Method)

Specific Gravity (AVG) D-792-1.42
Water Absorption (% Max.)D-570- 0.60
Deflection Temp. @ 246 PSI (F Min) D-648-490
Izod Impact Strength, Ft. – Lb/Inc.D-256-2.80
Flexural Strength (PSI, Min.)D-790- 12,000
Tensile Strength, PSID-638- 6,000
Compressive Strength (PSI, Min) D-695-26,000
Hardness (Rockwell E)D-785-102