ARBCO High Temperature Resistant Wheels will give excellent continuous service at temperatures up to 475 Degrees F. They can be used intermittently as high as 525 degrees F. Applications include baking ovens, curing ovens, and autoclaves. These wheels are available in 3″ to 12″ diameter in a wide variety of bore and hub length sizes.

  • Please call if you have a special requirement.

Properties of Molded Materials: (ASTM Test Method)

Deflection Temp. @ 261 PSI510 Degrees F
Water Absorption, %.03
Heat Resistance – Intermittent 525 Degrees F
Heat Resistance – Continuous475 Degrees F
Izod Impact Strength, Ft. – Lb/Inc..85
Flexural Strength, PSI11,000
Tensile Strength, PSI8500
Compressive Strength, PSI25,000
Specific Gravity (AVG)1,74