About Us

Here at ARBCO, only top quality materials are used, to produce the excellent durability characteristics of our wheels. The macerated construction of our stock wheels consists of cellulose fibers, impregnated
with high quality phenolic resin. Supplementary materials in the special wheels are of the same high quality level.


• Roller Bearings
• Solid Axles   
• Retaining Washer Assemblies
• Spanner Bushings
• Lock Nuts
• Grease Fittings Installed
• Machined Grease Grooves
• V GroovesWheel Styles
• Standard Black (For normal use and impact loads)
• High Temperature (For temperatures exceeding 300° F)
• Laminated Tread (Resist chipping and fraying, more impact resistant)
• Pallet Roller (Available in standard black)
• Sanitary Wheels (Meets the food industry sanitation code)
Special Requirements

• ARBCO's engineering services take special wheel requirements in stride.
• Quotations per your prints will be made promptly.

** Call or write if you have a special requirement or to obtain our product catalog and pricing information


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